Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holiday (part 1) Traveling like a queen

Over the years traveling was a night mare for me.
It lasts only one day but it costs me a whole week of energy. It is just two hours in the aeroplane but we have six or more hours attached to it. Traveling to the airport, passing two borders, waiting in small and crowded rooms and then comes a flight delay as standard surprise. Oh God. This delays are sometimes longer than the flight self. We are than already stuck in a waiting room full of passengers raising my imaginations of Dejana getting mad of that and starting to cry, or scream, or... who knows what???
Well it didn't happen so often and if she sometimes got irritated it was short and possible to control it with some snacks or a little songs that she likes. But I was nervous and stressed anyway. As I already said: the worst thing that happened to me is not Rett syndrome but the surrounding. People that are staring at us like we are a walking theater and my temper that strongly pushes me to say something offensive to them. They interfere in my privacy and what is going to prevent me to let them know that I didn't ask for it. Happily most of the people don't pay extra attention at us. But only a few of them staring intensively are enough to make me feel unpleasant and uncomfortably. Nobody likes to be deeply watched I guess. Especially not in such a tensed situation as traveling.
So: What is going to happen this time????
I could imagine all kinds of situations but one thing I could not imagine: That I will truly enjoy in this journey this time!!
This time I traveled like a queen.
It happened because of a special service that was performed for a lady in a wheelchair and we were asked, quite by chance, to join her with our daughter. And it was a wonderful experience. We were all the time treated special and separately from the rest. We had a guide who led us from the row and we could pass the border quick. No long waiting, long standing, or much noise. A lot of surround talking makes Dejana sometimes hyperactive and as a result she may push other people or step out of the row. But this time it went smooth and quick. After that we went to a small waiting room for special passengers. It was quiet and relaxed with one or two persons with enough chairs and place to walk around and nobody to watch you. I was relaxed. For the first time in so many years. Dejana could shout or step around as long as she wanted but.... she didn't. She was relaxed too. Is there a relation? Yes I am sure.
And than we were invited to the plain. Quit, slowly and with a special car that had a lift. Dejana performed great holding a gate on her own and walking into the plain. One old lady was with us. In the plain we had enough time and space to come to our place and to sit relaxed. We were the first and only passengers at that moment. After a while the rest came in stumbling .... And so on. Till the hotel.
It was never so pleasant to travel in my whole life. And it is sure worth to try it again. I ask myself why we didn't do it before??? And it is funny to think: If we didn't meet Rett syndrome I will never know how the "queen" travels.